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About Generation Songs
Welcome. Thanks for visiting.  "Generation Songs" is my first Album and I got it out at age 62- talk about late bloomers!  There are 13 original tunes-including collaborations with my son, one tune written by my grandfather and some Scandanavian dance tunes I recorded with my father.  Since the late 60's I've played fiddle and guitar in Bands in Minnesota and in the Eastern Sierra in California, while working as a manager of home and community-based services for the elderly. See the article in Bio which appeared in the Inyo Register. Some of the songs have been around for a generation and some are new but all are about real people and situations. I grew up listening to albums and have tried to create one in the old-school sense which presents the many styles I've played over the years and gives you the chance to hear songs my son was teaching to his friends at college and some that were only inside my head. Thanks, Charlie Broten 

Generation Songs includes:
  • No Mo Mono-A tribute to the Mono Lake Committee  A small, committed group preserved an eco-system with science, law and a dedicated group of supporters
  • We're all headed to the Nursing Home  State funding cutbacks in California are eliminating programs to let elders age in place
  • Oh Sweet Life  Inspired by the sudden loss of a home meal driver 
  • Soldier of Peace  What I learned in Sunday School
  • North Branch Schottische  jammin' with my Dad
  • Wishbone  A seven year old speaks
  • Who? Everybody  The universal need for human contact 
  • Social Security Romeo  The desire for romance never ends
  • Powerline Blues  My first published tune reflects landlord's view of the Minnesota powerline wars in 1976
  • Tamarack Swamp Polka (written by grandfather) Starbuck Polka Medley
  • Ain't it Funny  I hope this guy found a 12-step program
  • The Ghost of Manzanar   nearby internment camp site is now a National monument
  • Castles on the Faultline  The foundations of the middle class become more fragile every day
  • Lake Fanny Waltz  The site of our family cabin in Minnesota cabin surrounded by Swedes and Norwegians
  • Generation Song  A collaboration with my son and neighbors 

Digital downloads of individual songs are available at 
<>  The CD Baby Site gives you the chance to hear a short sample of all the songs and the many styles on the album- from ballads, ska, blues, gospel,  rock, second line, polka and  waltzes! Generation Songs, by Nick and Charlie Broten is also available locally at the Inyo Council for the Arts, 137 So Main, Bishop,The Sound Shoppe, 1373 Rocking W Drive, Bishop, Spellbinder Books, 124 South Main, Bishop, the Mono Lake Committee Store, US 395 and 3rd, Lee Vining, Boulder Creek RV Resort, 4 miles South of Lone Pine, CA and online through CD Baby and our site.

Message from Charlie
I've been writing songs for about four decades but haven't been much good at recording. It took my son Nick's interest and musical contacts in Berkeley-especially Charlie Wilson of Sonic Zen Records
<> and the help of numerous other folks--to make this album a reality. Nick produced, arranged and is a featured musician. It is dedicated to my mom, Arline, who's been waiting a long time, my dad, Ivan, an accordion player and my first 'jamming' partner who passed in 1995, and his dad, Charles, a violinist who left behind his hand written copy of The Tamarack Swamp Polka. These songs span generations--in time, content, history and collaboration. It is my hope that working with musicians of my son's generation has made them fresh and relevant. Thanks for listening. Charlie Broten
Message from Nick
This project began as many as 40 years ago, before many of the musicians featured were born.  Most of the songs on the record I know by heart, and some of them I count amongst my favorite pieces of music.  I cannot thank more the friends and family who helped make this possible--all of the musicians who gave their time and creativity; neighbors who gave their space; and strangers who leant their support.  More than anyone, I would like to thank my mother, Barbara, who for nearly 20 years put up with barrels of noise from two oversized Brotens.  I hope these songs carry the heart that was poured into them, and that their message won't be lost. 

Musicians on the album

No Mo Mono-A tribute to the Mono Lake Committee, We're all headed for the Nursing Home, Castles on the Fault Line and Powerline Blues: Charlie Broten-- acoustic guitar, fiddle & vocals; Nick Broten-- tenor sax; Tom Hardin-- bass; Jesse Engel-- electric guitar; Yanik Jayaram-- drum kit; Amy Shen-- alto sax; Brighten Godfrey-- trumpet; Charlie Wilson-- trombone & backing vocals; Dan Connor-- electric guitar (on Powerline Blues) & backing vocals (on No Mo Mono)

Oh Sweet Life, Soldier of Peace and Wishbone: Charlie Broten-- guitar & vocals; Nick Broten-- acoustic bass & tenor sax; Mingo Lewis Sr.-- percussion & drums; Byrd Duckett and Botiwa Jackson-- vocals extraordinaire; Jack Dilworth-- organ; Tal Ariel-- Hammond B-3 organ

The Ghost of Manzanar: Charlie Broten-- guitar & narration; Nick Broten-- tenor sax; Mingo Lewis Sr.-- drums

Ain't it Funny: Charlie Broten-- acoustic guitar, fiddle & vocals; Tal Ariel- Hammond B-3 organ

Social Security Romeo: Charlie Broten-- vocals; Ryan Finch-- piano; Derik Olson-- bass & backing vocals; Jesse Engel-- electric guitar; Mattie MacGuillivray-- drums; Charlie Wilson-- backing vocals

Who Needs to be Touched Today: String Theory Charlie-guitar/vocal/violin; Dan Connor-bass/elec guitar/vocals; Greg Smith-lead acoustic guitar; with Mingo Lewis, Sr.-percussion/drumset; Stephanie Lowe-backing vocals.

Generation Song: Nick Broten-- electric and acoustic guitars & bass; Charlie Broten-- vocals & violins; Dan and Sharon Connor, Nathan Morrison, Andrea and Summer Winkler-- vocals

Tamarack Swamp Polka/Starbuck Polka medley: Fiddlin' Pete Watercott-- fiddle; Derik Olson-- acoustic guitar;
Charlie Broten-- fiddle & bass

Lake Fanny Waltz, North Branch Schottische: Ivan Broten-- Accordion; Charlie Broten-- fiddles & bass

All songs written by Charles I Broten except The Ghost of Manzanar and Generation Song written by Charles and Nick Broten, No Mo Mono (A Tribute to the Mono Lake Committee) written by Charles I Broten and Roy Hood, Tamarack Swamp Polka written by the first Charles Broten. Starbuck Polka, North Branch Schottische and Lake Fanny Waltz public domain or author unknown.

Produced and arranged by Nick Broten and Charlie Broten
Additional production work by Charlie Wilson
Mixed and mastered by Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records in Berkeley, CA
All songs recorded at Sonic Zen Records in Berkeley, CA, September 2008; January and April 2009 except for
Who?Everybody, Generation Song, Tamarack Swamp Polka/Starbuck Polka medley: recorded at Off the Charts Studios, Bishop, CA
Lake Fanny Waltz, North Branch Schottische: Home recording 1992

Album Graphics by Karen Martinez, Bishop 

Kennedy OM Guitar used on 'Generation Songs' 

 "When I asked Terry Kennedy to make me a guitar, he said my Indian Rosewood OM with an aged Sitka top would have a 'complex' tone. Besides that you can bang on it an it stays in tune and you can get different tones from up and down the neck depending on touch. I played the OM on almost every song, mostly with my fingers and for me it was the perfect recording guitar. .. Listen to "The Ghost of Manzanar" (which is tuned in an open D minor) and "Oh Sweet Life" to get the sounds of the guitars. Check out his great website at <>
Generation Songs
  • Generation Songs
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Generation Songs is presented like an old-fashioned album in CD form.  CD's are available from this site for $13.95 + shipping. Digital downloads of albums and individual songs are available at CD Baby and many other digital stores.

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